Italian soda Undone Schweppes Recipe


The bitter and tart classic. Whether puristic as a non-alcoholic version of vermouth soda or with an additional bitter note as Americano. This drink is always a good recommendation. Whether you are enjoying it in the sun or as an aperitif before a delicious pasta – this classic never lets you down!

Schweppes Soda Water
5 cl UNDONE NO. 9 Italian Aperitif Type
3 cl UNDONE NO. 7 Italian Bitter Type (optional twist for an Americano cocktail)

Place large ice cubes in a tumbler. Measure 5 cl UNDONE Italian Aperitif Type and 5 cl UNDONE Italian Bitter Type with a jigger and pour into the glass over the ice cubes. Top with Schweppes Soda Water until the glass is almost full. Stir gently with a spoon or stirrer. Cut the orange into small pieces to garnish the drink. Cin Cin!

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