Dry Spritz Undone Schweppes Recipe


If you, like us, can’t do without a refreshing aperitif before dinner, but don’t always want to drink alcohol right at the start, we have an ultimate tip for you: A Dry Spritz UNDONE. Somewhere between Hugo and Vermouth & Tonic, this sparkling refreshment will not only please you but also your guests. Promised!

8-10 cl Schweppes Dry Tonic Water
5 cl UNDONE NO. 8 Italian Aperitif Type
1,5 cl elderflower syrup
1,5 cl Verjus or lemon juice
6 mint leaves

Place large ice cubes in a wine glass. Measure 5 cl UNDONE with a jigger and pour into the glass over the ice cubes. Measure elderflower syrup and lemon juice with a jigger and also add it to the glass one after another. Top up with Schweppes until the glass is almost full. Stir gently with a spoon or the stirrer. Garnish with a small bunch of fresh mint and you’re done! Enjoy it!

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