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Aqua Lemon Undone Schweppes Recipe


Now you can enjoy the refreshing fruity & tart aperitif classic as non-alcoholic version! If you want to spread the Amalfi Coast summer feeling at home, pour UNDONE No.7 and Schweppes Original Bitter Lemon in a wine glass, serve some nice Italian canapés on a plate and you’re ready – La Dolce Vita, here we go!

4 cl UNDONE No. 7 Italian Bitter Type
8 cl Schweppes Original Bitter Lemon
1 splash of grapefruit juice
Grapefruit wedge
Ice cubes


Place the ice cubes in a wine glass. Add UNDONE No. 7 and fill it up with Schweppes Original Bitter Lemon. Then add a splash of grapefruit juice, stir everything gently with a spoon or stirrer and garnish a fresh grapefruit wedge on your drink. Cheers UNDONE!