Like the famous alchemists we believe that the spirit of a distillate lies in the essence and not in the alcohol. To capture this essence we took the original products and disassembled them by extracting the alcoholic content. We then took the essence and rebuilt the aromas by adding flavors.

Meticulous testing led to the production process we’re using today. The base for all our UNDONE still drinks replicating spirits are indeed high end gins or rums distilled in copper pot-stills. The rectification for these base liquids is processed on the lowest temperature possible to extract the maximum amount of flavor.

Our liqueur and aperitif range on the other side, like their alcoholic counterparts, uses an essence extracted from fermented grape juice. The difference being that our fermentation process doesn’t produce any alcohol.

We’ve taken the best from the world of spirits. We just removed the alcohol.

Why ADDED flavors and are they natural?

On your palate alcohol is a strong flavor-booster. In order to generate the same mouth-feel and flavor intensity as in alcoholic beverages you need to add aromas who create a similar sensation.

Because we are alcohol-free we use natural flavors to increase the taste intensity. We also add some cane sugar and citric acid to ensure that our products blend well with other ingredients in mixed drinks.

Enjoy your favorite cocktail UNDONE!