What does the brand name UNDONE stand for?
UNDONE also means “to undo something”. That’s what we do. We remove the alcohol from an alcoholic product and make it UNDONE, for us the synonym for alcohol-free.
What does your sign in the logo stand for?
The moon at night in front of the horizon. We are night owls and love to throw ourselves into nightlife. Sometimes with alcohol, sometimes without.
Is UNDONE completely alcohol-free and can I drink UNDONE during pregnancy?
According to the EU Food Regulation Directive, all beverages below 0.5% vol. must be declared as alcohol-free. All of our variants in their pure state, i.e. unmixed, cover less than 0.3 % vol. This is just as much alcoholic content as produced in a grape juice or a ripe banana by fermentation. Alcohol-free wines and sparkling wines usually have a similarly low residual alcoholic content. Finally, our drinks are made to be mixed. So, you dilute UNDONE again anyway with a filler such as tonic, cola or soda.
Does UNDONE taste 1:1 like the original?
We extract the alcohol from high-quality alcoholic products. This process changes both the viscosity of the liquid and the taste of pure alcohol. We therefore speak of an alternative to a spirit, not a substitute. However, our elaborate extraction process enables us to preserve the flavoring components in all variants, so that your drinks come as close as possible to the alcoholic model.

We think we’re already doing a pretty good job here!

Are all products vegan?
All UNDONE-products are suitable for a vegan diet.
Are your products gluten-free?
Our entire range consists of gluten-free ingredients.
Are your products sugar-free?

No. 1 SUGAR CANE TYPE – THIS IS NOT RUM and No. 2 JUNIPER TYPE – THIS IS NOT GIN are sugar-free and therefore very low in calories. All other variants contain sugar in their pure state. Sorry, the taste of the drink unfolds best with sugar in these variants. You can find more details under „products“.

Is UNDONE also suitable for dry alcoholics?

Our goal is to come as close as possible to the alcoholic original in terms of taste. Therefore, we do not recommend drinking UNDONE for dry alcoholics. Similar to the rum flavor you use for baking, the smell and taste of the alternative could be associated with the original. Therefore, we recommend: better keep your fingers away.

Where can I buy UNDONE in stores in Germany?
You can find us, with regional differences, in many stores of Edeka, Rewe, Selgros, Famila, as well as other great beverage retailers and lovely concept stores. We are also working on a store finder: Feel free to send us an email if you are still looking for specific stores in your area.

If you live outside of Germany please feel free to drop us a message as well. We already have distributors in 15+ countries who can assist!

How do you define moderate alcohol consumption?
Alcohol is actually the only official drug for which there are also official tips for low-risk consumption:


  • Men should drink no more than half a liter of beer or two glasses of wine (0.2 liter) a day, while women should drink no more alcohol than is contained in a small glass of beer (0.25 liter) or wine (0.1 liter).
  • Abstain from alcohol at least two days a week, but do not consume excessively on the other days either. Sure thing.
  • Take a two-week break several times a year. Works absolutely perfect in Sober October or Dry January!
  • Drink water: Alcohol actually dehydrates your body. This is also the reason for the hangover the next day.
  • Avoid high-proof drinks: Schnapps, vodka, gin or rum will get you drunk very quickly.


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