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Straight Outta Hamburg

This is team UNDONE

UNDONE brings together a team of professional bar, drink, coffee and music lovers. So which German city would fit the bill better than Hamburg? The Reeperbahn is known as one of the biggest party streets in the world. Even the Beatles started their career here. Our home is located in the middle of the trendy “Schanzenviertel”, the Soho of Hamburg. The best bars and clubs as well as Hamburg’s hip-hop scene are just around the corner.

It wasn’t just there that our founders were missing any good alcohol-free alternatives for their drinks in bars, parties and events. After all, if you go out a lot, you’ll also be offered a lot of alcohol – no matter where across the globe. And so, in the winter of 2018, the three founders who have a reported history within the drinks and music world decided to change that. Previously, André had worked for many spirits brands worldwide, Mehmet had already built up a successful chain of coffee houses, and Felix had developed countless album covers for music artists. In the summer of 2019, the time had come: After one and a half years of continuous improvement, UNDONE was unveiled to the world at the internationally recognized bar fair “Bar Convent” in Brooklyn, New York. From the fall, UNDONE was also available in the bars of our hometown Hamburg. Then Renke-Marie was brought on board as another team member from the music industry of an international music label and finally rounded off the lifestyle mix in the team.

Free spirits from Hamburg to the world

UNDONE reduces alcohol consumption with fresh alternatives

Hamburg is home to one of the largest ports in the world – importing, exporting, processing and shipping only a few streets ahead. Good for us, because we source our base spirits and aperitifs from all over the world. Our UNDONE headquarter, research and development as well as production are docked in Hamburg. Meanwhile, our products are already available in more than 15 countries in Europe, America and Asia… and counting!

Since its founding in 2019, UNDONE has been dedicated to the goal of eliminating alcohol from every fifth alcoholic beverage and significantly reducing global alcohol consumption. With our alternatives to spirits and aperitifs, we aim to promote a lifestyle for a more social and healthy drinking culture without sacrificing the taste of delicious drinks. And how are we doing that? With a versatile, alcohol-free bar offer with a continuously expanding assortment. We are constantly working on new alternatives for our growing range. So, you can definitely expect to taste many more new yummy products from us!

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