Our Mission: #20FREE

We at UNDONE all have one thing in common: we live and love bar culture. Together, we have several decades of experience in the hospitality and beverage industries. And we also got to know each other through our shared passion for great drinks.

Together, we want to help ensure that what is served in bars and at parties contributes to a better and healthier lifestyle. UNDONE also aims to help reducing global alcohol consumption by 20% before 2025.

Are you in? #20FREE

Our Team

André Stork


André describes himself as a passionate drinker. In recent years, he has been responsible for product development and global marketing at a leading spirits company. With Cranehouse, he recently founded an innovative spirits distribution network. The idea for UNDONE came to him in a Zen monastery. He is now using the network he has built up over the years to bring our start-up to the consumer. What does he like to drink? Margaritas! Accordingly it is clear that we are not yet DONE with our current range.

Mehmet Ünlü


Coming from Austria, Mehmet is the most active member of our team. In his young founder’s vita there is not only the successful establishment and sale of a craft coffee chain, but also an NGO dedicated to connecting ambitious young professionals with successful entrepreneurs.  He is also co-founder of spirits distributor Cranehouse. As a former, aspiring football professional, he knows the situation of not having an alcohol-free alternative in bars. At UNDONE he makes business work every day.

Felix Schlüter


A multiple award-winning designer, Felix is the person at UNDONE when it comes to spot the latest trends in lifestyle, fashion and music. He was responsible for the visual appearance of various well-known German music acts such as Die Toten Hosen, Die Ärzte and Jan Delay. In addition, he is deeply rooted in the internationally renowned Hamburg hip hop and graffiti scene. He has already designed various beverage brands. UNDONE is his most recent work. And of course his best so far, as we think.

Our Advisory board

Helmut Adam


As co-founder of Mixology – Magazine for Bar Culture and the world’s leading spirits fair Bar Convent Berlin, Helmut has had an enormous influence on the development of bar and beverage culture over the past 20 years. Recently, he was voted one of the 100 most influential personalities in the global bar industry. At UNDONE he is responsible for everything that has to do with communication. He lives in Berlin, a kind of suburb of Hamburg. Although he always claims that it is the other way around.


Best of two worlds

Our UNDONE range offers the best of two worlds. You can now enjoy the full flavor of popular long drinks and cocktails while leading a healthy life.

Innovative Production Process

The production of UNDONE is based on genuine spirits from copper pot stills. In a unique and elaborate process we extract the alcohol from them in order to preserve the essence.

Choice of a Lifestyle

Ordering an alcohol-free drink has never looked so good. UNDONE is more than just a drink. It is the choice of a lifestyle.