DONE with poor alcohol-free choices in restaurants, at bars or parties? With UNDONE you can now enjoy the taste of your favorite longdrinks and cocktails without the side effects of alcohol! Drink what you want, when you want.Β Go out, have fun, meet your friends, enjoy that time to the fullest. And if you want to experience it without alcohol, UNDONE might be your alternative for an unforgettable evening.

Based on high-quality spirits, we have succeeded in capturing the essence of the original. We think we still have the spirit in the bottle – try it!

How our drinks are made.

Like the famous alchemists we believe that the spirit of a distillate lies in the essence and not in the alcohol. To capture this essence we took the original products and disassembled them by extracting the alcoholic content.
We then took the essence and rebuilt the aromas by adding flavors.

Now available in our Cranehouse shop.

Cranehouse is our young, digital spirits distributor. We think itβ€˜s time to promote a mindful and conscious consumption of alcohol. “Drink better” is the company mission of Cranehouse and therefore also of UNDONE. When we drink alcohol, we enjoy special and good spirits.

At Cranehouse you find an exciting range of carefully selected craft spirits from all across the globe in addition to our non-alcoholic alternative UNDONE. Cheers!